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Handan decoration company quotation is how many Handan decoration company which good

 Handan decoration company quotation is how many Handan decoration company which good

 Case analysis of brand home decoration

Make a budget for your own home before decorating the toilet washbasin. Different decoration styles will affect our budget. What's the quotation of Handan decoration company? Which decoration company is good? Let's have a look. Handan decoration company quotation is how much.

Make a budget for your home before decoration. Different decoration style positioning will affect our budget. How much is the quotation of Handan decoration company? Which decoration company is good? Let's have a look.

How much is the quotation of Handan decoration company

1. Simple decoration

Simple decoration does not mean that we need to save some things and not to decorate, but we need to pay attention to the practicality of things when selecting materials. We don't need to buy some materials with high price. The style is simple. The floor uses ordinary tiles and ordinary diamond board, and the front uses putty powder and paint. Furniture and household appliances choose practical type. Take 100 square as an example, the decoration company's quotation is generally around 100000 yuan, More suitable for some rental housing.

2. Medium grade decoration

Medium grade decoration is to add decoration design on the basis of simple decoration. Decoration modeling is added in the construction, some luxury basic materials are added, and household appliances and furniture are also used in high-end, so as to improve the decoration effect. Generally, the quotation of decoration companies is about 180000.

3. High grade decoration

High end decoration depends on the name. It must be different from the middle and bottom decoration. The decoration company arranges professional designers to design according to your ideas, needs and styles. The materials used are also more exquisite and high-end. Furniture and household appliances are first-line brands. The decoration of such houses is basically more than 300000 yuan, Even some super high-end decoration price in million yuan, which is generally suitable for local tyrants.

Handan decoration company which good

1. Handan Chenhua decoration major is a large-scale decoration company integrating the design and construction of three apartments, villas, hotels and shops, Handan 315 credit home decoration brand. The company takes "the owner's demand as the first" as the concept, focusing on the harmony of natural environment and cultural environment, and the overall coordination of space design and living geomantic omen. Now we have successfully built hundreds of model rooms in Handan, providing thousands of families with excellent, professional and rigorous design and decoration services. Our company entered the home decoration industry, through the high requirements of design, high standard construction, high satisfaction service, quickly become the industry model, construction technology is higher than the same industry, and obtained the owner's high recognition.

2. Gongcang qianmei decoration was established in 2016. The upstarts in Handan decoration market made a great success in the industry at the beginning of its establishment, with high influence and attention. Gongzang qianmei is committed to becoming a complete professional service provider for home decoration. Interpretation of gongcang qianmei decoration: the logo is arranged in the form of a seal with the initials of gongzang qianmei, which means honesty and promise“ "Construction" refers to the construction, construction is the fundamental, occupies the first important position, is the ultimate embodiment of the company's comprehensive strength“ "Tibet" refers to storage, construction technology specification, riveting construction and design, is the key soft power of craftsmanship“ "Thousand" refers to change, service varies from person to person to meet customer needs; It also means that construction will turn design into reality and enter into thousands of households“ "Beauty" refers to design, design is the soul, design thousands of beauty, beauty in the eye, more beautiful in the heart.

3. Handan sidahoe decoration is a well-known chain decoration brand in China. The company was established in 2010. It uses o2o overall home decoration mode, online consumption, offline service "one-stop overall decoration service. It really saves time, heart, effort and money, making decoration as easy as drinking tea.

Small make up conclusion: many of the purchase of the first house is the basic loan purchase, in the decoration to do their own budget, to avoid some late decoration budget is not enough (TU Hao Lue), the above is the Handan decoration company quotation is how much, hope to help you.

"Toilet washbasin"

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