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Environmental protection wallpaper, ceramic tile remains seam good or does not stay good? Does ceramic tile need to do beautiful seam?

 Environmental protection wallpaper, ceramic tile remains seam good or does not stay good? Does ceramic tile need to do beautiful seam?
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"Environmental wallpaper"

Is ceramic tile sewn or not? Does ceramic tile need to do beautiful seam? If you want to understand these problems, please come and have a look at today's sharing of decoration network!

Is ceramic tile sewn or not?

The decoration network thinks that it is more appropriate to leave cracks in ceramic tiles for the following reasons:

1. The expansion coefficient of any object itself is related to the temperature, and the seam can avoid the phenomenon of ceramic tile fracture and arch brick caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction caused by temperature difference.

2. If there is no seam left during the tile paving construction, it is easy to have uneven paving. In fact, this is not due to the quality problems of the ceramic tile products, but because the slurry moisture is uneven during the mixing process of paving construction, and the slurry is highly condensed after the construction, resulting in uneven tension, Seam is a good way to avoid this kind of problem.

3. Regular lines produced by tile joint paving can achieve a certain three-dimensional effect. At the same time, its function not only beautifies the overall paving space effect, but also alleviates the visual fatigue to a certain extent.

4. In the future maintenance and maintenance can also be more convenient, for example: due to the artificial heavy object carelessly degenerates causes the ceramic tile damage, if left the seam, it is easy to replace the damaged ceramic tile immediately.

What are the advantages of ceramic tile paving and pasting?

1. The seam can prevent tile hollowing, deformation, cracking, edge jumping and even falling off;

2. The material can be saved by leaving seam and paving;

3. All ceramic tiles have errors, and the brick joints can reduce the negative effects caused by the errors;

4. Proper seam can enrich the paving effect;

5. Avoid the slit, which is more difficult to clean;

6. Reduce the uneven joint caused by construction error;

7. Maintenance and replacement are more convenient in the future

Standard of ceramic tile joint

Generally, the seam of seamless brick should be 1-1.5mm, but not less than 1mm. And ordinary ceramic tile, about 3-5mm. In addition, according to the type of brick and tile, specifications, paving the overall area of the actual factors to determine the construction should adopt the best standard.

Does ceramic tile need to do beautiful seam?

There are several main reasons for joint reservation

1. Thermal expansion and cold contraction

Ceramic tile and cement mortar pasted with ceramic tile will have the problem of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage. If there is no seam left, it is easy to appear bulge and crack in the later stage.

2. Construction error

The laying of ceramic tiles requires workers to have very high proficiency, but even if it is a highly qualified master, it is impossible to ensure that there is no error when paving each tile manually. Therefore, if there is no seam left, it is difficult to ensure the straightness of tile joints, affecting the continuity of tile paving.

3. Dimensional error

Even if it is the same batch of tiles, but also inevitably appear on the size of small differences, such as length, right angle, etc., there is no size difference of tiles is not exist. No seam is easy to appear when tile paving joint is not smooth, affecting the beauty.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep seam. After leaving the gap, we must find a way to fill the gap, or all kinds of garbage and dirt will help you fill it. This picture is too beautiful.

"Environmental wallpaper"

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