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How to connect the size of disinfection cabinet and ground wire? Analysis of the function of ground wire

 How to connect the size of disinfection cabinet and ground wire? Analysis of the function of ground wire
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"Size of disinfection cabinet"

In the installation of water and electricity, electricians will tell us to ground the ground wire. How to install the ground wire? Maybe different masters will tell us different wiring treatment methods. Why do we need grounding wire? What are the functions of grounding wire? We may only know in general. If we know this, there will be a big security problem. Therefore, we need to understand it next.

How to connect the ground wire?

1. According to the requirements of the specification, when the wire diameter is equal to or less than 16mm2, the diameter of the grounding wire must be equal to the fire, and the zero wire, that is, the three wires must be consistent in diameter.

2. When the house is installed with water and electricity, the three wires (fire, zero, ground) must be led to the indoor distribution box, and the yellow and green line is the ground wire.

3. In addition to lighting (there are three lines for lighting in some drawings), the power supply of all other sockets, including weak current box, is three wires.

4. During the acceptance of water and electricity, the supervisor must check each circuit. For the inspection of ground wire, it can be known that if the ground wire is not connected, it can not pass the acceptance.

5. The grounding wires can only be connected in parallel and series connection is not allowed. This is to ensure that there must be grounding at any time to ensure the safety of electricity use.

6. The socket should have grounding wire, which is the minimum construction common sense and requirement. The construction team generally cut corners on the line diameter, such as using 1.5mm2 line to replace 4 or 6mm2, but dare not not not install the ground wire. In case of any accident, he should be responsible.

7. Check the wire in the socket box carefully to see if the ground wire is not connected to the socket.

8. No ground wire does not affect the use of electrical appliances, but once leakage occurs, it is very dangerous.

9. If there is no grounding wire, you can claim for compensation from the construction team, or ask for rewiring and installation. Even if the installation of grounding wire is not emphasized in the decoration contract, you can also claim for compensation. No matter where you go to fight a lawsuit, you will win.

10. If you can't find the construction team, or you decorate it yourself, Xiaobian suggests that you rewire to ensure safety. You can't spend a few money. After all, you only have one life.

Function of ground wire

a. Protection of personal safety

Due to the electrostatic discharge is easy to generate a large number of charges, if the electrical equipment is not properly isolated, it will be very easy to cause great damage to the electrical equipment itself and human body, and the role of the ground wire happens to be the wire between the high-voltage equipment and the earth, so as to prevent us from being damaged by the charge.

b. Lightning protection

In the past, in case of thunder and rain, the electric pole and other equipment were often damaged by lightning, sometimes even for several days, so the function of grounding wire in lightning protection can have a very good protection effect, effectively extending the service life of electrical equipment.

c. Ensure normal operation

For some work that must be electrified, such as medical work, the function of grounding wire is to avoid being affected in case of sudden power failure, and it can still operate normally.

I believe that through the above introduction, we can understand how to connect the ground wire. The small editor summarizes 10 aspects for you, hoping to be helpful to you. What are the functions of grounding wire? It mainly includes three aspects: lightning protection, personal safety protection and normal operation. Obviously, it's not just the safety effect that we think of. So we must know more about the relevant issues.

"Size of disinfection cabinet"

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