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Everybody decorates the net, bricklayer tile how much money a level? Detailed analysis of tile laying notice

 Everybody decorates the net, bricklayer tile how much money a level? Detailed analysis of tile laying notice
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How much is the Bricklayer's tiling? What should bricklayer pay attention to? Want to understand these words, hurry to see the decoration network small editor today's sharing!

How much is the Bricklayer's tiling?

The specifications of commonly used ceramic tiles for home decoration are generally divided into: floor tiles 800 * 800 600 * 600 300 * 300, and wall tiles 300 * 450 300 * 600.

Tiles need to be considered according to the specifications: the smaller the floor tiles are, the higher the price is, and so are the wall tiles. Because the smaller the wall tiles, the more difficult it is to control the butt joint and vertical flatness of brick joints, and the longer the working hours are, the more difficult the construction will be. Moreover, the number of windows, the number of internal and external corners, and the edge grinding or adding external corner strips should be considered when pasting ceramic tiles.

According to the price of ceramic tile and the price of non ceramic tile, it can be divided into the following three kinds:

1、 No ceramic tile price

The cost of labor and auxiliary materials (cement, river sand) purchased by the owner of ceramic tile is: 42-48 yuan / year. This price fluctuates in the price of excipients, but also to a certain extent. And there must be different specifications of ceramic tiles, there are certain differences. Generally, the price of 300 * 300300 * 450600 * 600800 * 800 is 42-48 yuan / square meter, diamond paving is 50-65 yuan / square meter, 150 * 150165 * 165 small brick price is not to mention, 60-120 yuan / square meter.

2、 Price of ceramic tile

If it is to let the decoration party bear the labor + Accessories + tiles, then the cost of tiling is bound to be higher. The general price is more than 60 yuan (the cost is mainly based on your choice of tile specifications, brand and quality, the better the quality of the selected tiles, the higher the price). In general, the owners will not be recommended to choose this way of tiling, because in terms of tiles, decoration companies are very easy to quote with inferior products as high-quality products, and the owners will suffer.

3、 It's just the price of the tiles

In addition to the first and second mode of tile price, there is another mode is that we only find people to do the work of tiling, tiles and accessories are provided by ourselves, only need tiling labor. The average price of bricklaying labor is now: 30-35 yuan / m2. Note: due to different regions, the price will also vary.

Precautions for tiling

What should we pay attention to when tiling?

1. Bricks should not be empty. Bricks should be solid when knocked by hand

2. The four corners of the brick should be flat. Touch the splicing angle of the brick by hand, which indicates that the brick is very flat

3. If it is necessary to cut bricks and paste them, the original edges of bricks must be used

There is also a problem of drainage slope when sticking to floor tiles, that is, there is a small slope on the brick surface to facilitate drainage

1. Wall tiles should be selected before paving, and should be soaked in water for more than 2 hours, and the surface moisture should be dried.

2. Before paving, setting out, positioning and arranging bricks shall be carried out, and incomplete bricks shall be placed at secondary parts or internal corners. Each wall should not have two rows of incomplete bricks, and the width of incomplete bricks should not be less than 1 / 3 of the whole brick.

3. Before paving, the horizontal and vertical signs shall be determined, the bottom ruler shall be padded, and the line shall be hung for paving. The surface of wall tiles shall be flat, the joints shall be straight and the joint width shall be uniform. The internal corner brick should be pressed correctly, and the external corner line should be made into 45 ° For corner butt joint, the whole brick shall be cut and matched at the protruding part of the wall, and the incomplete brick shall not be used for paving.

4. The bonding mortar should be 1:2 cement mortar, and the mortar thickness should be 6-10 mm. The cement mortar should be fully paved on the back of the wall brick, and one wall should not be paved to the top at one time to prevent collapse.

Bricklaying in decoration is also a careless aspect. So we should consider its price and its various aspects of the situation when we carry out bricklaying. The above is the price of bricklaying today? Notice for bricklayer? It can be used for reference.

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