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Hollow carved partition, what are the storage skills of small area toilet? Analyze the key points

 Hollow carved partition, what are the storage skills of small area toilet? Analyze the key points
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"Carved partition"

How small is the bathroom? If the functions are taken apart separately, the shower room is generally 90 * 90; The toilet area is only 75 wide; The sink can be 60 wide. Therefore, under ideal circumstances, the normal toilet meeting the toilet, bathing, washing face and brushing teeth can be less than 2.5 square meters. That decorates the net to come today and everybody analyzes the small area toilet to receive the skill, everybody quickly to understand the detail!

Toilet storage problems

Does the bathroom need a lot of storage space? It depends on the living habits of the people living there. The number of bottles and jars of many girls is beyond imagination. There must be a large storage space near the washing table.

At this time, if you choose a mirror cabinet with storage capacity, you may be able to solve a lot of storage problems. At least a lot of bottles and jars have places to be placed. It is best to have partition boards. You can put the commonly used ones outside and the ones you don't use inside the cabinet door. Of course, if there is a separate dresser in the room, you can also put most of the bottles and jars on the dresser.

The storage function of bathroom cabinet is more important

In addition, the most common need to solve the storage situation of towel, bath towel, toilet paper, soap, shower gel, shampoo, changing clothes, changing slippers and so on. Many can be set through the wall bathroom hardware pendant solution storage.

There are also some small spaces behind and on both sides of the toilet. As shown in the picture, this position is often wasted. Putting a shelf with long legs can solve many storage problems.

A rack can also be placed behind the toilet

Don't let go of some small corners in the bathroom. You can make use of whatever you can. Even if it is a very small corner, you can also customize the appropriate shelf to put some small things.

Every little corner can also be used

Niches, partitions and so on are good helpers for toilet storage, especially the bathroom often has some concave and convex plane, such as the wall of the water bag pipe will protrude, for example, the water tank behind the wall hanging toilet will have a platform, etc., these concave and convex planes should not be wasted, which is a good place to design niches or partitions.

Clapboard, niche, corner, wall can be the storage of toilet

In addition, shower curtain is also a good partner of small toilet, more flexible than glass partition, saving space. Sometimes when the area is small, each functional area inevitably needs to overlap and borrow space from each other.

"Carved partition"

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