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Simple style decoration effect picture, which kind of board is the most environmental protection in decoration? Harm and removal method of formaldehyde exceeding the standard

 Simple style decoration effect picture, which kind of board is the most environmental protection in decoration? Harm and removal method of formaldehyde exceeding the standard
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"Simple style decoration effect drawing"

When decorating the house, many furniture will find carpenters to create furniture. We should pay attention to choose the appropriate board for furniture making. Different boards have different decoration effects. In choosing the board, we should pay attention to the selection of environmentally friendly boards to ensure that the indoor environment is not polluted. Which kind of board is the most environmentally friendly in decoration board? Let's quickly follow the decoration network to learn about the harm of formaldehyde and other knowledge!

1、 Which kind of board is the most environmentally friendly in decoration board?

1. The most environmentally friendly material No.1: solid wood board

Solid wood board is made of complete wood, which is strong and durable, with clear lines and higher environmental protection. At the same time, high cost, different wood determines the different characteristics of the board, hardwood is sensitive to the environment and climate, and maintenance is troublesome. Application: solid wood floor, wardrobe and other high-grade building materials, furniture.

2. The first choice of formaldehyde free board: Hexiang board

The raw material of straw board is crop waste. In Japan, it has passed the comprehensive test of formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, VOC, FSC, dioxin and food grade pesticide residues by the Ministry of health, health and labor in Japan, and has been rated as the highest environmental protection grade wood-based panel in the world“ "Zero formaldehyde" straw board made of new furniture, especially cabinet furniture, open the cabinet door, there will be a light grass fragrance. Hexiang board has higher moisture-proof coefficient and bonding strength, which is incomparable with ordinary board.

3. Board with low formaldehyde content: MDF (density board)

There is no need for post-treatment, and the formaldehyde content is low. Compared with log and Hexiang board, its main advantages are low price, easy processing, uniform material, good physical properties, and will not be affected by moisture deformation. The surface of the surface of melamine has the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant and high-temperature resistance.

4. Formaldehyde content slightly higher than MDF: solid wood particle board (particleboard)

Both particleboard and density board adopt spray glue technology, the colloid is evenly dispersed, and the amount of glue used in density board is slightly lower than that of particleboard. The amount of glue used in solid wood particle board is less than 5%, compared with MDF board, it is environmentally friendly.

2、 Indoor formaldehyde removal method

1. Window ventilation

The simplest way to remove indoor formaldehyde is to open windows for ventilation, which can release indoor formaldehyde content into the air. However, attention should be paid when opening windows: do not open all doors and windows when opening doors and windows, to prevent excessive air convection, which is unfavorable to the decoration of the wall.

2. Plant purification

Secondly, plants are also commonly used to remove formaldehyde. Common plants are: aloe, Chlorophytum, Cymbidium, etc. they can remove formaldehyde in the air, absorb harmful substances in the room, and have a good effect on removing indoor formaldehyde.

3. Activated carbon absorption method

Using activated carbon adsorption method to remove formaldehyde, I believe you all know that activated carbon can adsorb indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases, but also has the functions of regulating catalysis, dehumidification and mildew prevention. However, when using activated carbon, it should be noted that when they are adsorbed to a certain extent, they will be saturated, so they need to be replaced in time.

4. Nano photocatalysis technology

Nano photocatalytic decomposition of formaldehyde is a popular method in recent years, and the effect is relatively fast. It mainly uses the photocatalytic oxidation of formaldehyde by titanium dioxide to generate carbon dioxide and water. At the same time, air pollution is treated under ultraviolet light, and the effect is very fast.

3、 Harm of excessive formaldehyde

1. Sensitization

Direct skin contact with formaldehyde can cause allergic dermatitis, color spots and necrosis. Inhalation of high concentration formaldehyde can induce bronchial asthma.

2. Stimulation

The main harm of formaldehyde is to stimulate the skin and mucous membrane. Formaldehyde is a protoplasm toxic substance, which can combine with protein. When inhaled with high concentration, severe respiratory tract irritation and edema, eye irritation and headache will occur.

3. Mutagenicity

High concentration formaldehyde is also a genotoxic substance. Experimental animals in the laboratory inhalation of high concentration, can cause nasopharyngeal tumor.

The furniture boards sold on the market are various. If you want to buy furniture, it is suggested to choose the furniture of solid wood panel, or ask carpenters to create furniture. In this way, the panel of furniture is better understood. Furniture purchase we must be careful, after all, is to accompany us every day, or to choose environmentally friendly board furniture.

"Simple style decoration effect drawing"

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