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Interior decoration pictures, what is the meaning of equipotential? What are the functions of toilet equipotential?

 Interior decoration pictures, what is the meaning of equipotential? What are the functions of toilet equipotential?
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"Interior decoration pictures"

Nowadays, many people will install all kinds of shower supplies in the bathroom. However, if the separation of the wet and dry parts of the toilet is not done well, it will be easy for these appliances to get damp, and serious safety problems will occur. When we take a bath, if there is electricity leakage, it will bring a huge threat to our lives. Therefore, when we decorate the bathroom, we should pay more attention to it, We must put the safety of electricity in the first place, so that the house will be more secure. And toilet in the design must be installed with a device, this equipment is related to life safety. That decorates the net today to chat with everybody equipotential, see what equipotential means? What are the functions of toilet equipotential?

1、 What is equipotential?

In our household electricity, there are various types of electrical appliances, and metal conductors can be seen everywhere, such as faucets, radiators, stainless steel shower sprinklers, and some electric fitness equipment shells. If one of the electrical appliances should not be charged, such as the metal shell of the oven with the insulating paint worn off, the oven shell will present a high voltage relative to the ground, The shell of other electrical appliances presents a relatively low voltage. If you touch the shell of these two appliances with your hand, a potential difference will be formed between the two hands. If the potential difference exceeds the safe voltage that the human body can bear, there will be a risk of electric shock.

In order to avoid this kind of situation, the exposed conductive parts of all electrical appliances are connected together with conductive bodies within the allowable range, so that all the external electric appliances present equal potential, that is, equipotential connection. It is divided into total equipotential bonding and auxiliary equipotential bonding. The auxiliary equipotential connection is equivalent to a small equipotential box within a range, in which all electrical appliances are connected into the small box, that is, auxiliary equipotential connection; After the small boxes in other areas are also connected to other areas, connect each small box to the main box, that is, the total equipotential connection. In general, there is only one toilet auxiliary equipotential connection in the home, unless you have a villa, you may have set up more auxiliary potential boxes.

2、 The function of equipotential in toilet

Why is equipotential installed in toilet? It is because the toilet is an area with frequent electric shock accidents, and the probability of electric shock will rise linearly when people take a bath due to the humid conditions. There is potential difference in the bathroom, even if it is less than ten volts, it can also cause electric shock death. Therefore, in the whole same leakage accident, the probability of death in the toilet should be greatly increased. The state has long stipulated that the toilet must be equipped with equipotential.

Like toilet shower, toilet, water pipe, bathtub, washstand and so on, as long as the metal surface is exposed. The parts easy to leakage must be connected with equipotential, which can play a good role in preventing electric shock and thunder. When the potential is equal, there is no voltage and no current.

Some people say that the existence of equipotential is relative to "ground wire". It is used to realize the zero potential difference between the charged conductor and the human body, so as to protect people from accidental electric shock. But in fact, there are fundamental differences between them. Although they are all electrical safety measures, equipotential means that the conductive part of the device is electrically connected so that the potential difference is zero. Grounding is to connect the shell of electrical equipment with the ground to reduce the potential difference to ground when the equipment fails.

3、 Which facilities need equipotential connection?

1. Local equipotential bonding shall be carried out for metal enamel bathtub and metal pipe;

2. If the shower is a metal pipe, local equipotential bonding should be carried out;

3. When the metal trap under the washbasin is connected with the metal drainage pipe, local equipotential bonding should be carried out;

4. The embedded parts of the metal support of the washbasin are connected with the reinforcement in the concrete wall, and the metal support should be equipotential connected;

5. Local equipotential bonding shall be carried out for metal drainage risers.

4、 What if there is no equipotential?

1. Before taking a bath, unplug all the electrical power plugs in the toilet, and then recover after the toilet is dry.

2. The toilet should be less equipped with household appliances.

3. Choose electric heater with water storage instead of instant electric heater. Unplug the power plug when taking a bath.

4. In the process of bathing, if you need to contact the metal faucet and pipe in the bathroom, you can touch it with the back of your hand first. If you feel electric shock and numbness, you should leave the bathroom as soon as possible.

5. In case of electric shock, the rescuer can not enter the toilet and contact with the victim. The main power supply of the house should be cut off immediately before rescue.

After reading the above introduction, do you think equipotential installation is necessary? I think it's necessary to install the equipotential, which is completely responsible for your own life! Don't tear it down because it's beautiful, and don't waste it because of saving money! In a word, it is definitely not advisable to remove the equipotential bonding terminal box. For the sake of our safety, when decorating the toilet, we must supervise the decoration workers, never let them say that the equipotential bonding terminal box has been removed. It is better to connect the metal objects that can be connected to the toilet.

"Interior decoration pictures"

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