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How to clean the wax on the floor? Detailed analysis and sharing of floor tile pasting steps

 How to clean the wax on the floor? Detailed analysis and sharing of floor tile pasting steps
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At present, many people use floor tiles for floor decoration. The floor paved with floor tiles is not only beautiful, but also very clean. Because the ground occupies most of the interior space, its decoration quality will affect the practicability of the room. So how to clean the wax on the new floor tiles? What are the steps of pasting floor tiles? Now let's take a look with Xiaobian.

1、 How to clean the wax on the new floor tile?

1. First, sprinkle some calcium powder on the dry floor tile, and then wipe it with dry cloth or dry towel, which is easy to clean the wax on the floor tile. In addition, there is a special ceramic tile cleaner on the market, and the effect of this cleaner is also very good.

2. Because the wax is not resistant to high temperature, it can be poured on the floor tile with boiling water to make the wax float on the brick surface after melting, and then wipe it with a rag.

2、 What are the steps of pasting floor tiles

1. Through the above description of how to deal with the wax on the new floor tile, have you learned some? In addition, before paving the floor tiles, the tiles should be checked, and the floor tiles with color difference and cracks should be sorted out, so as to facilitate the construction behind. Then soak the porcelain to be used in water for about 10 hours to see whether the water absorption rate of ceramic tile is qualified.

2. Measure the size of the area to be paved. First draw a cross line in the middle of the ground, and then make a vertical line along the middle of the line. This practice is conducive to tile alignment, and each tile, the crosshair and the previous baseline angle of 45 degrees.

3. Mix the water and sand evenly according to the ratio of 1:5, and then use these cement mortar to pave the ground with a thickness of about 3cm, and then spread some sand on it to facilitate bonding. Secondly, the toilet and kitchen are usually more water places, so it is necessary to do waterproof before paving floor tiles.

4. Lay the floor tiles one by one neatly on the cement layer, and then gently knock the floor tiles with a wooden hammer to make them more firmly bonded, and then keep the surface smooth. If the uneven is found, it should be filled with cement, otherwise it is easy to produce hollowing phenomenon.

5. When laying the floor tiles, the joints of the floor tiles shall be in good order, and no gap shall be left. After the floor tiles are paved, the small leakage joints shall be filled with glass glue, and shall be treated with rags after half an hour. Secondly, we should observe whether there are cement stains on the brick surface, and whether the splicing width is qualified. Generally speaking, the splicing width cannot exceed 2 cm.

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