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Ezhou decoration company which reliable, take you into the decoration industry knowledge base

 Ezhou decoration company which reliable, take you into the decoration industry knowledge base
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"Which Ezhou decoration company is reliable"

On March 12, the reporter learned from Longgang District Housing and construction bureau that the acceptance of the first batch of talent housing (social stock housing) application in Longgang District in 2019 was started on March 13. A total of 618 housing units are available for rent this time. The government provides monthly housing rental subsidies for talents to meet the housing needs of innovative and entrepreneurial talents in Longgang. The Bureau of housing and urban rural development of Longgang District specially reminds those who meet the application requirements to submit their application materials before April 30. So what are the standards and policies for talent housing application?

Talent housing application criteria:

1. According to the standard of talent identification, talent is divided into three levels: high-level professional talent, senior talent and junior talent.

2. Among them, high-level professionals are divided into outstanding talents, national leading talents, local leading talents and reserve talents (the latter three are collectively referred to as leading talents); Senior personnel must have senior or deputy senior titles; The middle and primary talents refer to doctors, masters and bachelors graduated from full-time universities at home and abroad.

3. In addition, the criteria for identifying talents are also formulated by the Municipal Human Resources Security Bureau. The basic conditions are that they have full-time bachelor's degree or above, or are technicians who meet the needs of the city's industrial development, or those who are listed in the list of talents in short supply issued by the municipal human resources security department, and who have signed employment contracts or service agreements with employers in this city; Under the guidance of the municipal human resources security department, each district government can formulate differentiated talent identification policies based on the basic conditions according to their own development needs.

For the talent families who have been included in the municipal affordable housing waiting pool, a new application channel for talent housing will be added in the future, which will enjoy the housing treatment of "double channel" application, but can only get one set of talent housing or affordable housing.

Talent housing application policy:

1. Talent settlement is implemented in two ways: material allocation and monetary subsidy.

Physical configuration includes rent-free rental, property right donation, public rental housing and purchase of affordable commercial housing; Monetary subsidies include house purchase subsidies and rental housing subsidies.

2. If the applicant is married, he / she shall apply for public rental housing or house purchase preferential policies with his / her family as the unit, and his / her spouse and minor children shall be regarded as co applicants. If both the applicant and the co applicants meet the requirements for the rental subsidy application, they can apply separately.

Outstanding talents and leading talents shall work full-time in the employing units of this Municipality and apply for settling down through the employing units. The employer is responsible for checking the qualification and application materials of the applicant, and is responsible for its authenticity and legality.

3. If the applicant meets the requirements of rental housing subsidy, house purchase subsidy and public rental housing application conditions at the same time, they shall not enjoy it at the same time.

If the applicant voluntarily rents or purchases a housing area lower than that of his talent level, the part below the standard will not be compensated; For those who voluntarily rent houses higher than the area standard corresponding to their talent level, the excess part shall be paid according to the market rental guidance rent of ordinary commercial housing in the same region in the same period (hereinafter referred to as market guidance rent).

The talent housing policy and other housing security policies shall not be enjoyed at the same time.

Personnel on the staff of government organs and institutions shall not apply for rent subsidy.

If all kinds of talents have already enjoyed the relevant monetary subsidies for talents' housing in Guangdong Province, the monetary subsidies for talents' housing in Guangdong Province shall be deducted when they enjoy the city's talent housing policy.

The above is about the talent housing application standards and policy related information, more information please continue to pay attention to the decoration network.

"Which Ezhou decoration company is reliable"

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