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Baishan decoration company which reliable, you are still struggling, come in and have a look!

 Baishan decoration company which reliable, you are still struggling, come in and have a look!
 New house decoration strategy

Which Baishan decoration company is reliable

The house is located in the downtown area. The large-scale apartment is decorated with simple American style. It is mainly practical and does not show ostentatious noise. It has the feeling of being hidden in the city. 166 square meters four bedroom decoration overall package cost 600000 yuan, after opening the balcony space has become very bright, next look at the final decoration effect!

essential information:

House area: 166 M2

House type: Four Bedroom

Style: American style

Cost: 600000

Decoration effect picture appreciation:

a living room

The living room is simple and atmospheric, beige background wall is very cool and comfortable, dark sofa with bright yellow single leisure sofa, paved with light blue carpet, elegant and introverted without losing light energy!

The deep and light color match of sofa and background wall enriches the level sense of space, which gives people a feeling of fresh leisure and quality.


Balcony into the living room, is the overall most successful design, because there are children at home, so give children enough play space, but also can have a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery outside the window.


American style restaurant, the use of blue art paint, calm dark furniture, let the aesthetic and comfortable perfect combination. On one side of the restaurant, the same type of sideboard cabinet is placed to make life more humanized.

Transparent glass sliding door brings open and transparent visual sense, making the scenery outside the window become the indoor background. The integrated design of ceiling lamp and electric fan is not only practical, but also unique.


Log color cabinet + light gray table top, simple atmosphere, full of texture; Log color, bring warm and natural life flavor! The sink is designed under the window for more light!


The bay window becomes the biggest feature of the space, which not only expands the indoor space area, but also adds a leisure area. It is also very comfortable to chat on melon seeds!


Independent walk-in cloakroom is every girl's dream. White is the keynote, showing simplicity and atmosphere. Changing clothes mirror is also more convenient for life.

Daughter's room

White bed, wardrobe and other furniture neutralize pink sweet and greasy, elegant and durable, and my daughter will not feel naive when she grows up again!

The bay window brings enough light to the room. It is also a pleasant scene to lie down and watch the night view with stars.

Boys' room

The boys' room is designed with upper and lower bunks, so that the children of relatives and friends have a place to sleep when they come.

British style bedding and curtains add different colors to the room. An open partition is set aside on the side of the wardrobe, which can be used to store children's toys.


With white as the keynote, simple atmosphere, the study is independent of one space, warm and quiet! Next to a row to the top of the bookcase to meet the owner's needs for books.

Tatami in the middle of the rise and fall of the tea table, you can gather three or five friends here to drink tea and chat. Down can be a rest tatami, very practical!


Opposite the cloakroom is the main bathroom, which is spacious and bright. The scenery outside the window is very beautiful. The transparent glass partition ensures the permeability of the space.

The above is the case of 166 M2 4-bedroom American style decoration which is brought to you by the decoration network. I hope you can like it!

Which Baishan decoration company is reliable

Decoration information network

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