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Suizhou decoration company which good, 6 ways to let you identify!

 Suizhou decoration company which good, 6 ways to let you identify!
 How to decorate a hardbound house

"Suizhou decoration company which is better"

Have you bought a house? This is really an eternal topic, no matter which city is unavoidable. Today, this article will try to describe the typical sample of young women looking for "home" in this fast-moving city from the perspective of buying a house and from the perspective of ordinary women living, struggling and growing up. Let me share with you the story of these girls buying houses.


Parents help to buy two small rooms for down payment

Xiao Yao: 25 years old, unmarried and single. I have been in Shenzhen for three and a half years. I bought a house in Shenzhen when I was 24 years old

Reason: after seeing a friend and buying a house

Real estate: 50 square meters, 2.1 million

Funds: the parents provide 700000 down payment, and Xiaoyao is responsible for the monthly payment of 8000 yuan

Xiao Yao didn't expect to live in his own house after working in Shenzhen for a year. In the first year of entering the workplace, I was busy contacting all kinds of people and things, and had no time to consider buying a house. In March 2018, Xiao Yao's friends suddenly told her that she had bought a house. It touched her. Introduced by this friend, Xiao Yao contacted the intermediary to see the house.

Xiao Yao and his parents are both vigorous and practical. After hearing that Xiao Yao is going to buy a house, they come from his hometown in Jiangxi Province to accompany him to see the house.

After arriving, the family sat together to hold a family meeting. It was determined that the down payment budget was about 700000, and the purchase area was in Nanshan and Bao'an. The lighting of the house was ranked first, followed by the orientation, whether there was an elevator, and whether they could move in as soon as possible. According to this standard, the family looked at several houses in Nanshan and Bao'an. After comparison, Bao'an's two small apartments "won out.".

Why choose this house now? Xiao Yao, who is still unmarried and single, said that since she is an only child, she will definitely live with her parents in the future. Now the house has two rooms, and her parents come to play and have a place to live on holidays“ The main thing is that the budget is appropriate, the pattern is appropriate, and the commuting is appropriate, so it is decided. "


Buy a house with her boyfriend, write her name on the real estate certificate

Miss Cat: 28 years old. I've been in Shenzhen for 4 years. When I was 26, I bought a house in Shenzhen with my boyfriend

Reason: by the landlord rent gas

Real estate: 87m2 xiaosanfang, 4.5 million

Source of funds: the parents of both sides will give a total of 3 million down payment, and Miss Cat and her boyfriend will jointly bear the monthly contribution of 8000 yuan

Also a member of the post-90s buying army, Miss Cat, born in 1991, said that buying a house was angry.

According to Miss Cat's plan, she and her boyfriend originally wanted to renew the lease after the lease expired in August 2017. However, affected by the opening news of China Resources Vientiane world, the landlord suddenly raised the monthly rent from 4500 yuan to 5500 yuan.

At that time, I was very angry. After discussing with my boyfriend, I thought it was better to buy a house.

After she decided to buy a house, it took Miss Yang only a week to find the present house, which is 87 square meters, with three small rooms. The owner finally accepted her offer of 4.5 million yuan and was willing to make a deal.

Because her boyfriend was not in the process of settling down, only Miss Cat's own name was written on the real estate certificate. In this way, after more than two years, Miss Cat and her boyfriend finally have their own home. The price is a down payment of 3 million yuan and a mortgage of 8000 yuan per month for 30 years.

Miss Cat said with a wry smile that the biggest change in life after buying a house is that the pressure is great and the days are tight.


Try your best to save the down payment and buy a house when you enter the house

Xiaomin: 30 years old. I have been in Shenzhen for 3 years. I will buy two houses in Shenzhen this year

Reason: to meet the entry conditions of points and save enough down payment for "boarding"

Property: 70 square meters, 2.8 million

Capital: sell the house in my hometown, take out the savings and so on to make a million down payment, and pay 8000 yuan of house loan with my husband every month

No sudden wealth, no parents support, for more than three years, Xiaomin and the house have been separated by a paper Hukou transfer order.

After pregnancy the year before last, Xiaomin resigned and became a full-time mother. In order to make up the down payment, Xiaomin takes care of the baby and does some auxiliary work for her husband. The couple are often busy until three or four o'clock in the morning. With hard work, Xiaomin and her husband finally made a million down payment, and then wait for the points to reach the standard.

After having the index, Xiaomin measured many times and finally locked in a set of high-rise buildings in the central city area of Longgang, looking south at the garden and two rooms, with a total price of less than 2.8 million yuan.


"Buying a house is like being a shareholder in the city"

Ms. Lin: I've been in Shenzhen for seven years. I'm 23 years old. I've bought a degree room with two rooms and one hall

Reason: parents asked for it

Real estate: 50 square meters, with a total price of 1.8 million yuan

After 85, Miss Lin said that in the past, every time she came back from her hometown of Shaoguan, she would sit on the high-speed railway and think, "none of the lights in this house are bright for me." After buying a house, she often referred to the house in the east gate as "my home".

Miss Lin's parents have been telling her to buy a house early. Ms. Lin said she was easily moved and felt good about every house she had seen. But after parents and relatives have seen them, the houses are always found to have various problems.

When Miss Lin was frustrated, her uncle brought her a real estate advertisement. She also had a primary school degree near a subway entrance in the east gate.

Ms. Lin said that when she just bought a house, she had only worked for a year, and her monthly salary was 5000, which accounted for two-thirds of the total. She was under great pressure and could not help complaining about why her parents let her buy a house. Later, with the gradual rise in rent, she suddenly felt that her parents' vision was still more long-term.

If there are conditions, I still suggest buying a house. After all, buying a house is equivalent to buying a city's stock.


After 19 years of struggle, the real estate under the name is worth tens of millions

Xia Jie: 39 years old. She has been in Shenzhen for 19 years. When she was 23 years old, she had bought three bedrooms and two living rooms in Shenzhen. So far, she has changed her room three times

Reason: at first, I was eager to settle down with my husband in Shenzhen, and then changed my house with the change of life demand

Real estate: in addition to two sets of real estate, there are holiday houses in Huizhou, and 140 Ping pension houses for parents in Meizhou hometown

Capital: save the down payment for the first house, then sell one and buy one later


For xiajie, who has been struggling for 20 years, changing her house is not a new thing.

She has two children. In the past 19 years, she has bought and changed houses three times. She not only bought her parents a 140 square old-age home in Meizhou, but also lived in a 150 square landscape house surrounded by mountains. At the same time, she also has a 40 flat small family degree house for her two children

All of these originated in 2003. As a designer of landscape construction drawings, he just got 80000 compensation from "receiving orders." at that time, he paid the down payment for a set of three rooms in Longhua with the 80000 cash.

First room change:

Moving children to school from outside to inside

Xiajie's first suite is located in Longhua, which is 89 square meters south. The total price is only 280000 yuan. After paying the down payment of 80000 yuan, she provides 1600 yuan per month, which is equivalent to one third of the monthly income of Xia Jie and her boyfriend at that time. Later, Xia Jie married her boyfriend and had her first child in 2005.

In order to give her children a better environment to grow up in, Xia Jie began to consider moving from Longhua outside the original pass to the inner part of the pass. "At that time, she worked in Futian, so she mainly considered the housing resources in Futian.".

She started a second-hand house next to Wuzhou Hotel, with three rooms of 94 square meters facing east and West, with a total price of 700000 yuan. She bought the Longhua set for 470000 yuan, and with some savings, she made up a down payment of 500000 yuan. ".

Second room change:

After having two treasures, we can provide a bigger house

In 2014, sister Xia bought a 140 square house for her parents in her hometown in Meizhou, with a total price of 800000 yuan. She saved her own money to bear the down payment of 4.5 million yuan, and paid back 7-8 thousand monthly payments for her parents every month. In the same year, Xia Jie started a 79 Ping one room, one living room holiday home in Huizhou, and paid off 600000 yuan with her savings.

In 2015, Xia Jie, who already had two treasures, moved her mind to change her house. Finally, she settled a new flat in Luohu near the East Lake area, and started a 150 flat landscape house.

Room change process

2003: in Shenzhen, the total price is 280000, 89 square meters, three bedrooms and two living rooms. The down payment is 80000 yuan, the monthly payment is more than 1600 yuan, and the mortgage is 30 years. 470000 in 2005;

2005: purchased 720000, 94 square meters, three rooms and two halls in Shenzhen. 4 million in 2016.

In 2008: the value-added part of the above-mentioned 94 flat, three bedrooms and two living rooms was "cashed out" by additional method, and a 40 Ping degree house in Luohu was purchased with the full amount, and the added value of 200000 yuan was transferred in 8 months, and the remaining loan of 94 square meters with three bedrooms and two halls was paid off.

2009: purchased 40 Ping degree house in Futian, the total price is 700000, the down payment is 400000, the monthly payment is more than 1000 yuan, and the mortgage is 30 years.

2014: purchased 140 Ping three rooms for parents in Meizhou hometown, with a total price of 800000, down payment of more than 400000, monthly payment of more than 7000 yuan, mortgage for 7 years, and pay off the remaining loan in advance in 2016; In Huizhou, we bought 79 flats, one room and one living room, with a total payment of 600000 yuan.

In 2016: purchased 150 bungalows with a total price of 7 million yuan, down payment of 4 million yuan, monthly payment of more than 20000 yuan, and mortgage for 30 years.

The above is about the women to buy a house map related to share, more information please continue to pay attention to the decoration network.

"Suizhou decoration company which is better"

Decoration information network

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