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Liaoyang decoration company which reliable, industry water depth needs to be cautious!

 Liaoyang decoration company which reliable, industry water depth needs to be cautious!
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"Which Liaoyang decoration company is reliable"

The "Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen intercity line", which has attracted much attention, has realized the whole line of girder erection channel in 2018, and finally announced that the Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen urban rail transit will be opened before the national day at the end of March 2019! This means that Guangzhou, Dongguan, the three cities will form an hour city circle, and can "play" these three cities in one day! Next, follow the Beijing decoration network to learn about the latest news of Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen Urban Rail!

Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen intercity rail link

On March 18, the right track of Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen intercity railway will be paved, and the left line will be laid in about a week to realize the whole line rail connection. This also lays the foundation for the static acceptance of the whole line on May 1 and the joint commissioning and test on July 1, providing a solid guarantee for the goal of opening to traffic on September 30.

Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen intercity line, as the main axis of the Pearl River Delta Intercity line and the first intercity railway connecting Guangzhou, has a total length of 76 km from Xintang, Guangzhou to Terminal T3 of the airport. Guangzhou east railway station is connected to Guangzhou east railway station through Guangzhou Shenzhen railway. There are 15 stations, including 10 elevated stations and 5 underground stations. It is the most important one among more than ten intercity lines planned and constructed in the Pearl River Delta, with a section of 17 km.

The section stations are distributed as follows

Section: Shajing west station, Heping Station, airport north station and airport station;

Dongguan section: Zhongtang station, Wangniudun station, wanghong station, Hongmei station, Shatian station, Houjie station, Humen railway station, Humen commercial city station, Changan Xiabian station and Chang'an Jinsha station;

Guangzhou section: Xintang station

Four stations have entered the decoration stage

Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen Inter City Airport Station will become a traffic distribution center connecting Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. According to reports, the north station and airport station of Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen Inter City Airport have completed the civil construction, and the post station decoration and mechanical and electrical installation are in progress.

More than 300 meters of connecting channel between the airport station and the airport terminal has also been realized. After the Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen intercity is opened to traffic, it will be very convenient to enter Terminal T3 from the airport station. Rail transit construction has three major nodes, namely, tunnel connection, rail connection and electricity connection, which can be effectively controlled after rail transit is completed. The welding work of 500m long rail has been started in the north airport station, and the power supply piles along the way have been installed in place.

In the future, the intercity line is planned to be extended to Qianhai, Baiyun Airport and Pazhou.

There are 16 stations on the whole line of Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen intercity, with the speed of 140-160 km / h, the train carrying 1200 passengers, and the whole operation time is one hour. In the future, it will enter the public transportation operation of 5-minute train. After that, from going to Dongguan, Guangzhou minutes! You can go to Guangzhou in the morning to sigh for morning tea, and then go to Dongguan for a walk in the afternoon. Life is really super convenient!

"Which Liaoyang decoration company is reliable"

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