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Anshun decoration company which good, take you to understand the decoration industry!

 Anshun decoration company which good, take you to understand the decoration industry!
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"Anshun decoration company which is good"

A residential sewage pipe blocked the road. Recently, Mr. Zhong, who lives in zhengyifang, Nanshan village, told reporters that such a situation happened in the buildings 55-2 of zhengyifang, which greatly affected the lives of the surrounding residents. The reporter contacted Nanshan community work station to learn that the relevant personnel have been dealing with the problem, and have sent cleaning personnel to the site to dredge the pipeline and communicate with the surrounding residents.

Sewage gushes out from time to time. I don't know who to repair

Mr. Zhong is a resident of zhengyifang in Nanshan village. He told reporters that in recent ten days, the sewage pipe of building 55-2 in zhengyifang was blocked, and the sewage flowed to the ground, causing serious water in the road area and sending out gusts of stench. Usually, coming and going from this road has a great impact on life. Mr. Zhong said that after the incident, he had reported it to several departments, but it has not been effectively dealt with.

On the afternoon of March 25, the reporter visited the first square of Nanshan village. Under the buildings 55-2, the reporter saw that although it was sunny at that time, the road surface in the alley was still very wet, and there was a small amount of water in the low-lying areas. In the corner, you can see some food and other kitchen waste scattered. But at the scene, the reporter did not see the "water" situation mentioned by Mr. Zhong, nor did he smell the stench. A shop assistant in the neighborhood told the reporter, "today is the best day in recent years, there is no water and no smell". It said that in the past few days, there was a continuous flow of sewage in the alley, emitting a bad smell, which made several employees in the store unbearable, "especially the rain the last few days, the road was wetter, and the situation was worse.". A nearby resident told the reporter that this happened once last year. Later, I don't know who repaired it. This happened again this year. We don't know who should be asked to repair it.

On the evening of the 25th, Mr. Zhong sent several videos to reporters, saying that it was the pavement condition of 55-2 building in zhengyifang that night. This video shows that there is a continuous flow of sewage on the road surface, which is suspected to flow from a sewage pipe. The sewage has been flowing from the alley to the road outside. Mr. Zhong told reporters that at night, the situation worsened and the stench was high.

Nanshan community work station in Nanshan Street: sewage pipe blockage has become a major difficulty in the treatment of urban appearance and public environment

In view of the situation reflected by Mr. Zhong, the reporter contacted Mr. Chen, the director of Nanshan community work station. He told the reporter that Nanshan community had received feedback from the public recently, and had sent a city management specialist to zhengyifang two days ago to understand the situation. There are two main reasons for this phenomenon. One is that the sewage pipe has been used for a long time, and the pipe itself is bent. The second reason is that the blockage leads to slow water flow and easy backflow in the house of a resident next door. The household opens the inspection port of a pipe, so that the sewage can flow directly to the road surface without passing through the septic tank, That's what's going on.

Chen said that the community staff had communicated with the resident on the 25th and asked him to seal the inspection port, but the resident still failed to seal the inspection port. The community urban management specialist contacted the resident again on the 26th and asked to deal with the problem immediately. At the same time, the community has also sent cleaners to the site to dredge the pipeline. If the pipeline fails to be dredged, the pipeline will be replaced. "However, whether it is dredging or replacement, it will take some time. At present, we are working hard to deal with this problem.".

At the same time, station director Chen also told reporters that sewage pipe blockage is indeed a major difficulty in public environmental governance of Nanshan community. Therefore, the problem involves a wide range of areas, and strong concealment, it is difficult to find out before the problem occurs“ We treat these wells every year, but there is no effective preventive measures. We don't have funds for this. We can only make timely remedies when problems arise.

Mr. Chen said that the community is indeed duty bound to deal with the problems related to the city's appearance and environment and public health, but there are some responsibilities that should be borne by the owners. In fact, the community can not take over all the responsibilities. "Maybe some owners can't find out the problems in time, and the community will take the initiative to communicate with them, and the community work also hopes to get more support from the residents.".

"Anshun decoration company which is good"

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