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Shantou decoration company which good, decoration company must choose it!

 Shantou decoration company which good, decoration company must choose it!
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"Shantou decoration company which is good"

Starting with the hot sale of Ruifu in China Resources Bay, the apartment market seems to be on fire after the year. First of all, a project in Jingtian North has been queuing up all night, focusing on eyeballs. Recently, it has been reported that 20 luxury apartments in Shekou have been sold out in one day; The transaction volume of a certain apartment project in Xili is 120 million yuan a day; Longgang an apartment project to cancel buy it now, but also increase prices... Next, let's learn the truth about the apartment market.

Why is the "fire" of apartments limited for 5 years?

1. Apartment market supported by "sea of people tactics"

Since last year, a number of projects in the new housing market have started two or three levels of linkage, especially the apartment project. Driven by High Commission workers, a large number of intermediary publicity has been carried out and the screen has been swept in the circle of friends.

The above-mentioned Jingtian North apartment new market, the opening night queue is the result of two or three levels of linkage. Under the Commission of 5 points, the intermediary played "street bullies" and "chicken blood" in the circle of friends. On the eve of the opening of the market, it was claimed that more than 10000 customers had registered and more than 500 apartments were expected to be wound up on the same day. A newly opened commercial apartment in Longgang central city area was also noticed by home buyers due to the media's extensive publicity. Some intermediaries said that the rebate Commission of the project to the intermediary was two to three times that of other projects.

In Pingshan, a newly opened apartment project even held a referral oath meeting“ "Sea of men tactics" worked. According to the Central Plains data, after the "July 31" new deal last year, except for August and September, the turnover of apartments in the fourth quarter exceeded 1000 units / month, with 2620 units in November. The data of the first two months of this year are better than that of the same period last year. 564 apartments were sold in February this year, an increase of 43% over the same period.

But it should be noted that not all projects worked“ The overall performance of the apartment market is relatively general. The main reason is that the products with low total price and low area sell well. The price of the project itself is attractive. Coupled with the encouragement of the intermediary, the (transaction) will become One market person said.

2. Demand side power: no room ticket for long-term investment

The second and third level linkage is helpful, but the main reason is still the purchase demand of apartments. Apartment as a product to avoid restrictions on purchase, for no room ticket buyers more friendly, in recent years, the turnover has also been rising. According to Zhongyuan data, in 2018, the number of business apartments sold reached a record high of 18384, of which, over 60% of the total number of apartments with a total price of less than 3 million yuan was sold“ A lot of foreign visitors come to buy apartments. They don't have room tickets and want to make some investment. " Recently, Xiao Ji, who was busy taking guests to see the house, said that several of her clients paid in a lump sum. One of the foreign customers came all night to stay in a hotel near the project and bought an apartment of about 30 square meters in total because the child was going to work in the future. When it comes to the fact that apartment sales are limited for five years, the liquidity has become worse. Xiaoji frankly said: "people have never thought of selling them. The renting and selling of small-scale apartments is higher than that of residential buildings. Some people want to make long-term investment when they buy apartments."

It is understood that the purchase of business apartments is a commercial loan, the general loan 10 years, interest rates up 25% - 35%; According to Xiaoji, there are many sources of funds in the market. The interest rate of enterprise loans is lower than that of commercial loans. The loan life of balloon loans can reach 20 years.

3. Second hand apartments are difficult to change hands. They were bought in 2016 and now they are sold at a price of 900000

The first-hand apartment transaction looks like a fire, but in fact, the general view of the market for the purchase of apartments is: except for the high-quality properties in the core area, don't buy apartments if you can buy houses.

On a real estate forum, some netizens have summarized the problems of apartments:

1. The housing acquisition rate is relatively low, and the sharing coefficient is too high, which can reach 25% - 35%, which is about 5% higher than that of residential buildings;

2. The cost of living is high, water and electricity and property fees are expensive, and the general apartments are not gas-fired;

3. There is a problem with the type of house. There is no clear requirement for ventilation and lighting. There are several families with a ladder, so the comfort is poor;

4. Generally, greening is not very ideal, 20% is very good;

5. The transaction fee is complex and high, and the total cost can reach more than 10% of the total transaction price.


Moreover, liquidity is poor.

Some time ago, there was an advertisement for selling a house in the circle of friends: "a certain building at Shangtang subway entrance of Longhua, with gas and balcony, pure apartment use, 65.3 fair, two houses lost more than 900000 yuan, the purchase price in October 2016 was 3674566 yuan, the deed tax was 110000 yuan, the interest for building was 300000 yuan, and now it is only sold for 3.18 million yuan."

It is understood that 17 units of the apartment project are currently on sale, with no transaction in nearly 90 days, and the housing supply has been listed for more than 7 months.

In addition, the high down payment, high interest rate and high taxes of apartments also make many investors look down upon them“ I don't play apartment, it's not easy to get rid of it, it's not rising fast, and it's also risky; Investment in housing is more secure, the entire farmer's house is also good, rental, and then the old museum demolition One senior investor said.

"Shantou decoration company which is good"

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