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Xiangtan decoration company decoration quotation, and these secrets you know?

 Xiangtan decoration company decoration quotation, and these secrets you know?
 Effect drawing of toilet decoration

"Decoration quotation of Xiangtan decoration company"

Jutailong decoration company and Haozhuang Tianxia decoration company are both very good companies in the decoration companies. Today, the small editor of decoration network will share with you the American style decoration design cases of these two decoration companies. If you are interested, please continue to look down with the decoration network editor.

Jutailong decoration

Decoration project: Zhengda Era

Decoration style: American style

Decoration cost: 15W

The living room and dining room are separated by the bar. The dining room and the living room have large floor to floor windows, which improves the brightness of the interior space. TV background wall has not done too much decoration, simple atmosphere.

The bedroom is also floor to floor window design. The mural on the head of the bed is very artistic.

Luxury decoration

Decoration project: man Jinghua joy Lane

Indoor area: 80 square meters

House type: three bedroom

Decoration style: American style

There is no partition between the living room and dining room. The large windows make the indoor light sufficient. The TV background wall is not designed too much, which is clean and tidy.

The dining table in the dining room is square table, and the hollow back of the chair has a sense of design.

Kitchen is L-shaped design, easy to use.

There are two murals on the bedside table, very warm.

The above is about jutailong decoration and luxury decoration world decoration of American style decoration design cases, which do you like? Contact them if you need it! More decoration case information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration network.

"Decoration quotation of Xiangtan decoration company"

Decoration information network

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