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Rizhao decoration company which reliable, indecision will miss the opportunity!

 Rizhao decoration company which reliable, indecision will miss the opportunity!
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"Rizhao decoration company which is reliable"

What is cast-in-place floor? What is the thickness of cast-in-place floor? How to calculate the price of cast-in-place floor? I believe these problems are what many people want to know. Decoration network collection of relevant information, today specially for you to answer these questions. The cast-in-place floor slab is more interested to follow the decoration network together to look down.

1、 What is cast-in-place floor

Cast in place floor, also known as cast-in-place reinforced concrete floor, refers to that the formwork is set up on site, the reinforcement is installed on the formwork, and then the concrete is poured on the formwork, and then the formwork is removed. Compared with the precast floor, the cast-in-place floor can enhance the integrity and seismic resistance of the building, and has greater bearing capacity. At the same time, it has certain advantages in heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof and so on.

2、 Thickness of cast-in-place floor slab:

The thickness specification of cast-in-place floor slab stipulates that the slab thickness shall not be less than 80mm, 9 meters long and 4.2m wide. A beam shall be added in the middle of the cast-in-place floor slab, and the slab thickness shall be 120mm.

Most of the national standards are 80-160mm

The thickness of cast-in-place floor depends on the location, floor size and reinforcement. According to the design requirements, the floor thickness of general civil residence is 80-160mm according to the use, bay size, reinforcement and concrete strength. If it is thicker, the beam will be added, otherwise the self weight will be too large. The appropriate thickness is calculated by the designer.

However, a certain error of - 5mm to + 8mm is allowed

For the minimum thickness of the floor, refer to the following data

1. Roof panel 60mm+

2. Civil building floor 60mm

3. Industrial building floor 70mm

4. The floor under the roadway is 80mm

3、 Price of cast-in-place floor slab:

The cast-in-place floor slab is poured together with the beam, which has good integrity and is more conducive to earthquake resistance. Moreover, part of the beam height coincides with the slab thickness, occupying less floor clearance than the precast slab. Therefore, the price of cast-in-place floor is generally 400 to 500 yuan per square meter, and the specific price should be asked to do the cast-in-place master.

The above is about the cast-in-place floor thickness and cast-in-place floor price related introduction, hope to help you.

"Rizhao decoration company which is reliable"

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